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#PlanForVacation - Our Gem State Faves

"Sigh. So much to do, so little time."

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6 Unexpected Places to Find Inspiration


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Public Speaking: Words of Wisdom

I’m a sucker for a great quote. Whether it’s to drive home an argument, kick off a presentation, or as a touchstone for inspiration. Case in point, I’ve found myself collecting quotes that back up or bring humor to aspects of our public speaking and media interview trainings. Here are my top 10:

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Fake It Till You Make It.

Ideation (noun)

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Ethics is More Than a Yes Answer

Are we all ethical at our core?

Without a doubt, I believe that I am. There isn’t much to this question – I thought – until I skimmed an article discussing ethics in today’s business world. The author presented that same question in a thought provoking way showing there is more depth to its answer than the standard “yes.” The topic may seem simple enough to not even merit discussing, but...
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5 Reasons Why Idaho is the Next Craft Beer Destination

Is it a coincidence that April, the same month that celebrates National Beer Day, was named Idaho Craft Beer Month? We think not. Idaho’s craft beer industry is growing strong, currently at over 50 breweries. To celebrate the inaugural Idaho Craft Beer Month, here are a few reasons we think Idaho is set up be the next great escape for hop-loving beer hounds.

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