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Top List of Top Lists (or, trying to predict the future)

There is nothing like the start of a new year to inspire predictions and top lists. So in the spirit of the first month of 2010, a roundup of the top lists and predictions for media & PR.

Edelman's 10 Ideas for the New Decade
"The bigger opportunity for clients, we believe, is to identify the global societal and technological trends that are reshaping how we think, act and buy - and to pivot into them early. Trends today tend to develop more slowly and are harder to see, allowing clients to take a more thoughtful, thorough and systematic approach," says Steve Rubel. The document encompasses 10 essays on trends that reveal 4 key themes:

  1. Shift to digital technologies by consumers & marketers is pervasive across all aspects of our life and growing daily.
  2. Our engagement with each other is migrating from computer to handset
  3. Companies & interests are waking up to the engagement imperative (I like that!) - and how to fund and develop it over time
  4. Future is about carefully using the data people generate to make smarter decisions, while adhering to concerns over privacy.

VOCUS's 2010 State of the Media
How's this for a depressing start to the report -
"According to Vocus Media Research Group, approximately 293 newspapers folded, with nearly 100 of those shuttering in the year’s first quarter alone. Meanwhile, eight magazines with a circulation of 1 million or more ceased publication, and 600 staff members were laid off from top tier publications. Including print and online, a startling number of magazines shuttered this year, totaling 1,126. In broadcast, radio stations are down from the previous year, and more than 10,000 jobs were lost. Meanwhile in television, bankruptcies were common as more than 100 TV stations were affected by their parent companies filing Chapter 11."

In addition to looking back at the trials and tribulations of 2009, the team of VOCUS researchers make some media predictions for 2010, including:

  1. Large newspapers will continue to form content sharing partnerships (ala Dallas Morning News & Ft. Worth Star-Telegram)
  2. Nonprofit, investigative journalism sector of online journalism will continue to grow (Like the new Bay Area News project)
  3. More newspapers will join the paywall model, but most likely won't find success
  4. Magazines will decrease their publication frequency and more will develop editions 're-imagined' for digital distribution (ie - electronic readers)
  5. In television, on-air talent will (continue) to be cut to make room for low-cost staff as stations continueto work with diminished crews as they have for the last decade.
  6. To retain more viewers, local stations will gravitate to a less news-based format.
  7. More radio stations will continue to stream on-air signals on their websites and provide links to previous material.
  8. More interplay between radio and portable music devices (ala fusion of FM radio with the iPod Nano & Zune)

PRSAY's 2010: What Lies Ahead for the Public Relations Profession?
A bit of an echo chamber, but a decent summary of the belief among many public relations professionals that in this time of convergence of communication disciplines - those with journalistic and public relations backgrounds are the most adept at guiding companies, organizations and individuals through the new landscape of engagement, transparency and constant conversation.

MetricsMan's Public Relations Measurement 2010: 5 Things to Forget, 5 Things to Learn
Found this top list intriguing when it came out this summer (way to get a jump on 2010!) The ongoing debate on how to measure the effectiveness of PR efforts continues and it's refreshing to read a post of what we should think of leaving behind (AVE's, impressions/multipliers), and what we should be wrapping our minds around (like the Total Value Cube)

Waggener Edstrom's Thinkers & Doers blog had two great December posts on what to expect in 2010 in the social media realm

Guest Post on PR-Squared - 2010 Predictions for Communicators
Todd Defren's PR-Squared blog is one of my favorites in the industry - and the fact that he let a competitor guest-blog on his site ( Lou Hoffman of the Hoffman Agency) makes me love it more. Plus - Lou's put together a great tongue-in-cheek crystal ball post with some specifics that hey, could actually hit the target a few times this year! Post includes predictions involving Tiger, Michael Arrington, the FTC, semiconductors and politicians. Definitely worth a read.

- Jess

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