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Make the Jump: Organize, Purge & Visualize the Jump... a weekly roundup of insights, observations, tools, techniques and musings that provide a spark.

Organize Thyself: One of the topics I frequently present on is managing the firehose of information at your fingertips and how to maintain some sense of sanity. Admittedly, it is an oft-updated presentation. Besides the constant development of new tools and widgets to employ, my desires on what I want to absorb, how often and when, changes. Hence, goodbye to iGoogle and hello to Netvibes. I consume, voraciously. As a browser homepage Netvibes gives me more of a magazine feel with a focus on all my RSS feeds. I don't need any more widgets or gidgets or add-ons. My iPad and iPhone have that covered thank you very much. What I want - and what I find Netvibes delivers - is my customizable news page to kick off my day. Here's a good roundup of the 3 browser homepages I've test driven to land on Netvibes.

Hard Frost - Times 20: Which leads to the concept of the hard frost. Two to three times a year I try to purge out feeds, e-friends (sorry!), connections, e-subscriptions that are no longer as relevant to me as they were when I first engaged. New Comm Biz author Tac Anderson, as he frequently does, takes it a step further and starts over as he explains in A Total Reset and Rediscovery.

Infographics Rule: Couldn't think of a better subtitle than that. To say there is an obsession brewing is an understatement. If these visual representations of information, data or knowledge get your blood pumping too, please share your favorite sources. There is no doubt that multi-media - for journalism, for PR - is the future and that future is here. I believe journo-nerds - those journalist-minded geeks out there - will continue to move the dial forward in how visualization is utilized. Among my favorite examples of late:

"The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see."
—John W. Tukey. Exploratory Data Analysis. 1977

- Jess Flynn

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