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Make the Jump: Quote Hoarding, Up with Infographics, Library!

Make the Jump
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Quotes, Quotes, Quotes
I truly love a good quotation - to start my day, to kick off a presentation, to share via social channels. I have lots of 'go-to' quote sources (one of my favorites of late - Quotes from Great Minds) But there's now a new iPhone app - Quotebook - to collect (aka hoard) and share quotes you stumble across, overhear, etc. For the quote geeks out there, a new one for the arsenal

Down with Press Releases, Up with Infographics!
The death of the press release has been celebrated time and time again. I'm not one to dance on the grave, preferring instead to see the evolution of the release instead. There is a time and a place for structured information and content. But that content must be pulled together and shared in a relevant and engaging way. Case in point - this forward thinking infographic SHIFT Communications pulled together for their client Lithium Technologies.

Untitled(Another great recent post by Todd Defren of Shift - Die, RFP, Die, Die, Die!)

Get thee to the Library!
http://exhibitions.nypl.org/100/sites/exhibitions.nypl.org.100/files/images/home_feature_game.jpgNot sure exactly what I love most about what the New York Public Library is doing for Find the Future-The Game - the crowd-sourcing, online-offline treasure hunt nature of the contest or that it culminates in an overnight competition. Because who doesn't dream of being locked in the NYPL overnight? The gist via Mashable:

“Find the Future: The Game,” devised by renowned game designer Jane McGonigal, is a series of “quests” delivered via an app on players’ mobile devices that can be completed at the Library’s 42nd Street location. A group of 500 players will be invited to play the game for the first time at 8 p.m. on May 20 to tackle a list of 100 overnight challenges." Maybe a trip to NYC is in order...

The E-Book Process
And if the talk about the library has inspired the author in you, Michael Hyatt post on How to Create an E-book in Seven Steps has some great takeaways.

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