June 15, 2011 by rsadmin

Pitching: The Emotional Roller Coaster

Pitching is an emotional roller coaster for me. I experience more highs and lows than Charlie Sheen on a two-day bender. First is the high of getting that initial interest response from the reporter or editor. I begin daydreaming of telling my client of the impressive hit I’ve just secured for them, and then there I am gleefully watching my client on T.V. or flipping through that feature story in that national publication.

After a few weeks, my high has now plummeted into a sinkhole of gloominess and self-doubt. Where did I go wrong? Was it something I said? Maybe I shouldn’t have bothered the editor so soon after I sent the package. Did she hate the product?? But that pitch was PERFECT! But, but, but…..

But I started Googling “good PR pitch examples” and came across a number of articles and blogs and realized my pitches were in fact, not as super amazing as I once thought. There are a LOT out there that were quite helpful, and actually, quite amusing to read.

Erica Swallow, Assistant Editor at Mashable, blogs about the top PR pitch buzz phrases she hates.

On the other hand, she gives some great examples of pitches that rocked her socks off. Super helpful!

Claire Celsi is a contributor to PR Daily and also blogs about the anatomy of a good blogger pitch, and breaks it down simply: Your pitch needs to be:

  1. On target with what the blogger writes about
  2. Personalized and researched
  3. Explanatory
  4. Valuable information
  5. Timely

First of all, we just need to try our darndest to understand and accept that these people are in fact more busy than we can even pretend to be on a weekly basis. I heard somewhere that national publication editors receive an average of 1,000 emails a week. Yikes. I get stressed out when I have 20 unread messages in my inbox.

So we mustn’t give up hope, people. Let’s keep up the positive thoughts, remember to do your research and above all, LISTEN to what these reporters are saying. Take all their advice into consideration when crafting your pitch. Hopefully they give you some insight on how to continually be evolving and improving your pitching style.

I’m hungry for it. I can smell that national hit. It’s coming, and in the meantime I’ll take a metaphorical pill called Determination for the bi-polarness that is Pitching.

-Danae Castellaw

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