September 20, 2011 by rsadmin

Work and Working Out, Works Out

As of late, I have been feeling like something is in the water here at Red Sky. An epidemic of sorts has entered our atmosphere and a new craze is sweeping the office, one that I personally am excited to partake in.

Office chairs are being replaced with brightly colored balance balls, lunches and breakfast meetings are being replaced with greenbelt walks and downtown yoga sessions, and in the past month the Red Sky logo has appeared in several community races and events with office members sporting the red clouds that competitors can interpret as our logo, or the dust they are being left in.

All kidding aside, I find the new trend refreshing and exciting. After serving on activity based client accounts such as the Project Athena Race Series and the Activate Treasure Valley community awareness campaign, I am even more excited about an office-wide movement to get moving.

While working on the Project Athena campaign, I found myself in the company of world champion racers like Robin Benincasa and working with a ground crew made up of equally awesome talent like my colleague and triathlon extraordinaire, Heather Hill. After hanging with these and other inspiring people, I found myself more often hitting the trails at a run rather than a walk, and more frequently suffering through what I still find to be a somewhat insufferable task: cycling.

On the Activate Treasure Valley account, I discovered I was not far from my “roots”, so to speak. My colleagues, Jenn Connor and Steph Worrell, worked with me on the account and with all three of our work histories including the YMCA (the coordinator of Activate Treasure Valley), we were able to dive into the account full bore. The community initiative that is Activate Treasure Valley has a simple mission to incite motivation in each individual to live healthier lifestyles through moving more and eating better. It seems that this incentive has rubbed off on Red Sky as well.

I am a believer that the people with whom you spend most of your time can directly influence your habits. I won’t go into the details of what motivates me to stay healthy and active, because everyone’s reasons can be widely varied and yet fundamentally similar, so if you are interested, the Mayo Clinic has provided what I think is a pretty compelling list of reasons. What I can say is the determination surrounding me is inspiring and it keeps me tying on my running shoes every night.

While digging for hard evidence as to how staying in motion and eating well can benefit a work environment, I found myself pouring through testimonials and articles detailing why sitting on a stability ball helps with productivity, how eating a healthy breakfast can increase concentration, and even how treadmill desks are popping up in places you’d least expect them, like law firms and computer programming companies. Additionally, one article detailed the 50 best places for active people to work and noted the programs those companies had in place to keep their staff moving and eating well.

Whatever it is that has us Red Skyers chomping on carrots instead of cookies and getting nearly full-office involvement in running and walking events as a group, I like it and I hope it is here to stay!

- Amanda Watson






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