August 03, 2013 by Chad Biggs

What We're Reading

Predicting the end of the line for our ginger friends, a bit of 80's gaming nostalgia and the next hook for the Pinterest-obsessed all in this week's What We're Reading.

glogloGloria Miller
National Geographic says red-heads set for extinction: This week I came across this headline, which was too intriguing to pass up. My curiosity peaked as I began to read the article. The opening paragraph stated that in the next 100 years, there will no longer be redheads in the world. Currently less than 2% of the globe are natural "gingers." The article continued to name off the few famous folks who are natural redheads, one of them being Nicole Kidman! Who knew that blonde bombshell was a natural redhead!

There were quite a few interesting facts about the redheads that I wasn't aware of. It stated, "the gene had the beneficial effect of increasing the body’s ability to cope with sunlight; it helped make vitamin D from sunlight. But now because of worldwide interactions, today’s carriers are more prone to skin cancer and are more sensitive to heat and cold-related pain." Due to the lack of redheads that are partnered together, the gene is likely to be gone as early as 2060. There are quite a few studies and analysis about red hair, feel free to read up here:

cbiggs_compChad Biggs
The Secret Service Agent Who Collared Cybercrooks by Selling Them Fake IDs: Everything today is seemingly oriented around getting results yesterday, so its fascinating to read the slow play of this sting. Even more intriguing to see the secret service essentially hijack the identity of a lower-level counterfeiter and building the premiere site for fake IDs.

Has Carl June Found a Key to Fighting Cancer? Usually I approach the cure for cancer headlines with a hefty amount of skepticism, but this one hooked me from the opening line. Masterfully written with some brave characters throughout, it also provides some level of hope if the trends of this very early stage treatment hold their promise in broader tests. Like many of us, I’ve seen more varieties of cancer take more great people out of this world. I’m cautiously optimistic that the “put the immunity system on steroids” approach with cells designed to destroy tumors holds promise to at least make headway into a more hopeful future.

broeckel_compAmber Broeckel
Facebook Really Wants You to Advertise: Advertising on Facebook has been a topic of discussion around our office and I think that this article explains exactly why it is so beneficial for a lot of businesses. As it explains here, "It's where the potential clients are. Because ads can be targeted in highly specific ways--married men in Chicago, fans of Breaking Bad, 33-year-olds with children, Dunkin' Donuts employees--it's possible to aim for the exact audience you want." the information that Facebook has on each individual from people creating an account helps target each ad to the correct audience.

Pinterest Now Sends Alerts When Items You Pin Go on Sale: Pinterest and sale are two of my favorite words! Combine the two and you have me sold. Pinterest is making your dream house/wardrobe/lifestyles more affordable and realistic.

dself_compDoug Self
The Legend of The Oregon Trail: Yes, that Oregon Trail. The game. The 8-bit 5.5" disk I played as a kid in the computer lab in elementary school. Sure it was classified "educational" but there really wasn't much to learn, just that you should probably be a banker so you can pay for the ferry and not have to ford the river. This is the story of the game's creators, coding the original version out of necessity, and how it has evolved to the current, cartoony version that is still in classrooms today.

jnyquistmagicJustin Nyquist
Amazing photos of Earth, taken from the Space Station: Every once in awhile, a photo gallery will mesmerize me… and this is one of those times. Taken by NASA astronauts, these photos show the beauty of our planet, from oodles of miles above. Check out the pictures here. Oh, and I suppose this is about reading, so some of the captions are pretty cool.

Let’s just be thankful for what we have, huh?!: I have been getting a lot of reminders lately about how I need to just be thankful for what I do have, instead of wishing for more. I was reminded yet again this week when I watched a very short TED talk from Tania Luna, a post-Chernobyl Ukrainian refugee who’s family received asylum in the US when she was a young girl.

I think it’s a good reminder for everyone, especially with the title, How a penny made me feel like a millionaire.