When Easy Sets Brands Apart

by Christina Lenkowski

As many of my fellow Gmail users can testify to, we have seen a lot of changes in the last few weeks. The main one being that every email is now siphoned into three distinct categories; Primary (for your main emails from friends, family, etc.), Social (you can guess what that means) and Promotions (allllll the different emails from companies selling you things). Some of you may even have more tabs than that.

As you can imagine, this now means we all mainly just check our Primary tab and leave the others for the end of the day or perhaps even delete them altogether. Some companies have responded to this, and I think in a useful way.

loftscreenshotI recently got an email from LOFT, where I shop regularly, titled “Hey Gmailers! Keep (Primary) tabs on us.” Followed by a few sentences about why customers should move them to their Primary tab and a quick tutorial on how to do it. Easy-peasy.

To many, this may not seem like the biggest deal in the world, and it isn’t the most innovative thing ever, but that’s the point—they are taking something simple, pointing it out to their customers in a way that is relevant and giving them a suggestion on how to make the simple change if they want to.

As I work mainly with consumer-facing clients, this is something I really try to work with my clients to do when appropriate. Make. It. Simple. Show (not tell) your customers how to make their life easier and better. Don’t clutter up an event with too many things, let people enjoy the experience.

I can’t say for sure whether I will switch my LOFT emails to my primary account but they have certainly put the thought in my head—and the tools in my hand.

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