A Day in the Life - Boise, Idaho

By Jess Flynn

It's no secret I'm an unabashed fan of Boise. (Hence the frequently deployed #damniloveboise hashtag and this side project blog.) So when I get to combine that love for where I live and run a business with our work at Red Sky, it's fantastic.

What is it about the Boise Valley that makes us brag about it to others, that prompts us to try and articulate the intangibles of our lifestyle here?

How do you capture the creative, quirky, outdoorsy, freakishly friendly, innovative and 'why not?' attitude of our home?

We recently premiered a video resulting from group effort to answer those questions - a collaboration between the Boise Valley Economic Partnership (our client), Idaho Department of Commerce, Idaho Power and the Valley's tech industry. Produced by Rizen Creative, the goal was to showcase a day in the life of those working in Boise's tech scene and to support Valley recruitment efforts.

It's a story that several communities across the Northwest are battling to tell - including the TechTown Portland project and the crowdfunded We Make Seattle movie.

As UP Global's Chet Kittleson shared in a recent HuffPost piece, "Through my job at UP I've been given the opportunity to immerse myself into entrepreneurial communities throughout the Pacific Northwest and up through Canada, and what I've found is that it all comes down to our ability to tell our story. From entrepreneur to entrepreneur, city to city, country to country, without a compelling story our audience fades fast and we fail to get the job, we don't receive the press that we feel we deserve and we can't recruit the talent or the capital that our city so badly needs to progress. Without a story, we honestly don't really exist. What I keep finding time and time again is that there are stories everywhere you look... Whether it's your company, your family, your city or yourself, dig deep and find out what it is that you have to share with the world."

Here's a slice of the Boise story.


This is just one digital asset that BVEP is developing as a resource for our community's companies and organizations. If you have thoughts on other stories we should be telling about our Valley, other companies and personalities to profile – leave a comment below or send along a tweet to @jessflynn.

Let's shine the light brighter. Let's get a bit louder.



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