5 Speaking Resources to Rock Your Next Presentation

While preparing to give a presentation there are numerous things to keep in mind: your body language, knowing your audience, organizing your content and the list goes on. This blog serves as your go-to guide for touching up your speaking skills, inspiring your inner public speaker and restoring your confidence to give your best presentation yet. The night before your speech, you may feel your nerves begin to rise. Take a few a deep breaths and check out these awesome resources to get yourself in the zone to rock your presentation!

Before public speaking... This wonderful playlist features eight TED Talks to center yourself and focus in on your presentation. Topics range from speaking so that people listen, body language, inspiring action and stage fright. Whether it’s a school project or client meeting, these videos are sure to get you pumped up and in the zone.

10 mannerisms that can kill an effective presentation You have your content organized, you’ve got killer visuals to complement your presentation and you’ve practiced for hours on end. But your magnificent speech flops due to poor delivery. This list reveals 10 common mannerisms that can distract your audience and kill your presentation.

What's your story? The importance of a story is often overlooked. Have you ever wondered why you remember some stories over others? Ever heard someone telling a story and halfway through you’re asking yourself what the point was again? This post provides seven core elements to remember when crafting inspiring, powerful stories.

Seven public speaking tips from Gina Barnett
Gina Barnett has been a communications coach for TED speakers and numerous CEOs. In this article, she shares seven insightful, uncommon tips to remember before giving your next presentation.

If he can do it, so can you If you’re like most of us, public speaking is high on your list of fears. This post features an inspiring story of one introverted individual who went from severe to near expert on the public speaking scale. Just like the title says — if he can do it, so can you!

Whether you’re a seasoned public speaker or shake in your boots at the mere mention of a presentation, everyone can benefit from these helpful resources while preparing for your next speaking engagement. For more tips on being an effective speaker, sign up for our Executive Speaker Training. Contact info@redskypr.com to learn more.

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