What Would You Say You Do Here?

Beyond wanting to be Indiana Jones when I grew up, all I wanted was a James Bond car with the full arsenal and ejector seat. The closest I've come is driving the same damn car as the lead character in Office Space when it hit theaters. So when I get asked what we do at Red Sky, I tend to picture the Bobs.

The answer should not be a challenge. We regularly prod, coach and edit clients to be more concise, to nail the elevator pitch, to articulate their Why. At Red Sky, we create and share stories that matter. Simple enough.

But when we talk about the How and What it gets stickier. Client needs, the opportunities to engage their audience and the constantly shifting landscape of communication channels means no day and no project is the same. It also reminds me that we’re a hell of a lot different than the PR firm that opened its doors 7+ years ago.

The communication landscape has certainly changed since then. Brands and agencies have become their own media. Search engines and other Internet giants have gobbled up numerous media outlets. Legacy media of all sizes have created in-house agencies to replace revenue streams disrupted by these online goliaths. And we aren't even delving into the rise of social media, where the free platform you built your audience on is now charging you to reach them.

Red Sky capabilitiesWith all of this upheaval, the art of inspiring your audience relies on one core element: strategy. Regardless of whether your audience is 10 or 10,000 every organization needs to take the time to understand who they want to reach, how best to reach them and, most importantly, why your target should care about you and what you have to offer. It sets the stage for everything we do at Red Sky including where we’ve expanded our capabilities over the years, both internally and with key partners.

Those of us who push words around for a living don’t often like to admit it, but it is often easier and more effective to let a visual tell the story. So for our Summit last week, we spoke to topics ranging from visual storytelling to communication trends to the millennial effect on everything ranging from our economy to the future of communication. And we also showcased what our capabilities are and how we’ve helped our clients achieve through a few visuals (with help from our friends at Twiss & Martin):

While our goal for the Summit was to inform, improve and inspire, we always learn a lot about ourselves and our clients and friends along the way. It also gave us the opportunity to focus our own message beyond the why and to let the visuals do the talking.

- Chad Biggs

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Chad Biggs feeds a lifelong obsession with storytelling by helping clients capture and meaningfully share their stories with the people that matter. As Red Sky’s Chief Content Officer, Chad’s work is driven by a deference to the written word and his innate ability to craft an acute, concise message for clients ranging from healthcare to technology to renewables.

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