A list of lists to predict 2016

Minus holiday parties and sugar-filled gifts of gluttony, nothing indicates the end of the year than a herd of lists forecasting the New Year. So keeping in the spirit of overindulging, here is our list of lists, featuring some of our favorite predictions, prognostications and wild ass guesses for 2016.

Brand marketing: 10 experts reveal their predictions for 2016
Colleagues from across the pond weigh in on the marketing landscape for the year ahead for brands in the Guardian, from removing jargon from their communication and storytelling efforts to focusing on creating quality video content.

16 Marketing Predictions For 2016 From The C-Suite
Finally, a prediction to drop the digital from digital marketing - the modern day "department of redundancy department." Forbes hits up CEOs, Presidents/GMs, CMOs, authors and executive recruiters to round out this list.

IMG_1589Digital Transformation Going Mainstream in 2016, IDC Predicts
IDC predicts that a third of the top 20 companies in every industry will be “disrupted” over the next three years, meaning their revenue, profits and market position will deteriorate — not that they will go out of business. Similar thoughts shared by Brian Solis during a recent EdSessions talk on disruption.

6 Bold Predictions for Digital Marketing in 2016
Chad Pollitt's presentation at Content Marketing World was one of the most valuable ones I attended during the entire conference and his predictions article reflects many of these insights. Have an audience you're trying to reach in 2016? This one is a must read.

20 Experts Provide Their Content Marketing Predictions For 2016 | Marketing Insider Group
Bryan and Marissa recently attended a Content Rules workshop with Michael Brenner and have been raving about it since returning earlier this month. Here he taps into his notable contacts to get their take on 2016, including an extensive tongue-in-cheek diatribe from Ann Handley.

30 Predictions for Social Media and Social Media Marketing in 2016
A seriously in-depth look at the biggest platforms and where they will be moving in the coming year. Take some time to dive in and digest.

Please Don't! 5 Content Marketing Don'ts For 2016
A fresh(er) take on the 2016 list - things that anyone with content plans should adhere to in the coming year.

2016 Marketing Prediction: “Less is more” Content Personalization
Finally, one I think we all should agree and focus on in the year ahead, whether it is making better use of our audience insights and data or simply thinking more about the best value we can provide to our audience.


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