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Chad Biggs

Chad Biggs feeds a lifelong obsession with storytelling by helping clients capture and meaningfully share their stories with the people that matter. As Red Sky’s Chief Content Officer, Chad’s work is driven by a deference to the written word and his innate ability to craft an acute, concise message for clients ranging from healthcare to technology to renewables.

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6 Reasons Why Treefort 6 Will Top Them All

Yeah, we know... there are way more than six reasons why this Treefort Music Fest will take our favorite festival above and beyond the amazing experiences of years past.  But in honor of the sixth anniversary, we pulled together some of the most exciting changes and additions we can't wait to see.

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Tips to Manage Your Personal Brand Online

Moments before addressing a group of Google employees, Conan O'Brien tweeted: 
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Crisis Crosshairs: Gas Masks, Social Media Subterfuge & the NFL Draft

You know the image. Tears of joy streaming down a young man's face as he hugs the NFL commissioner. After years of hard work in the trenches and weeks of speculation, rumors and every misstep catalogued by prospective employers, a football player gets picked to compete at the highest level. Last night 31 men fulfilled the dreams of playing in the NFL, but Laremy Tunsil paid a much steeper...

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A list of lists to predict 2016

Minus holiday parties and sugar-filled gifts of gluttony, nothing indicates the end of the year than a herd of lists forecasting the New Year. So keeping in the spirit of overindulging, here is our list of lists, featuring some of our favorite predictions, prognostications and wild ass guesses for 2016.

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What Would You Say You Do Here?

Beyond wanting to be Indiana Jones when I grew up, all I wanted was a James Bond car with the full arsenal and ejector seat. The closest I've come is driving the same damn car as the lead character in Office Space when it hit theaters. So when I get asked what we do at Red Sky, I tend to picture the Bobs.

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Speaking Tips from the Internet Ordained

I was somewhere between shocked and touched, honored and scared shitless. When my best friend of twenty-five years asked me to officiate his wedding, it was unexpected. I began to mentally catalogue the limited number of stories I could share during our conversation. Then I thought about addressing he and his future wife’s closest friends and family on one of the most special days they would...

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