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Jess Flynn

CEO Jessica Flynn co-founded Red Sky after a career in journalism and a stint leading global communications for an all-season resort. Jessica’s strengths lie in her journalism roots, which enable her to ask the tough questions, seek creative solutions to communication challenges and incorporate multimedia and social elements into highly successful public relations campaigns on behalf of clients large and small, local and global.
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Giving Back & Paying it Forward

Since the early days of Red Sky, we’ve made a focused effort to give back to the community which has supported our agency and helped us grow. We believe in the power of connection and community, in doing well by doing good. We also believe that each individual finds passion and purpose in different areas. So again this year, we gave each employee time and treasure to give back and pay it...

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What’s the Future of Communications? A Trifecta to Remember

As I put on my future-focus lens for our annual Red Sky Summit (an event bringing clients, partners and peers together to inform, improve and inspire) earlier this month, several key themes emerged.

One being that as we approach 2016, we're still waiting for several of the predictions for 2015 to emerge:

  • The impact of the IoT (Internet of Things) on our health and home, and how technology...
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From Pitch to Print

It only took 12 months.

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The Case for the Agency

I was recently asked why a company would hire an agency over an in-house PR Director. It's a question we get a lot. Since I've been on both sides of that equation, thought I'd share my thoughts and the results of a quick Yammer crowd-sourcing we did at the office.

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