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Marissa Lovell

An intuitive narrator, Marissa values the inevitable power of words. Leveraging her passion of writing and curiosity of our ever-changing world, she works to create content to inspire, discover and tell stories that matter. An outdoor opportunist, animal lover and natural creator, she enjoys spending her free time running trails, getting lost in a book, re-purposing thrift store finds and exploring the Gem State.
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How to engage Millennials: Influencing the Influencers

You may have noticed that millennials are dominating today’s headlines, causing a stir for companies tasked with hiring this growing demographic, and poking holes in traditional marketing and economic models. So what’s all the fuss about?
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Passion & Discourse Beyond the Legislative Session

As we head into another legislative session, issues near and dear to our hearts (and the future of our state) take center stage. But when the session ends, how do you keep the conversation going? How do you keep the right people informed and engaged to keep the momentum needed to inspire change? Without a legislative session, and media coverage of the leading issues, how do you keep these...

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Marketing & Malcontents: Can Reddit Help Your Business?

Whether you work in marketing, tech or the public sector, you should be on reddit.

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An Insider's Experience: Executive Speaker Training

By Marissa Lovell

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5 Speaking Resources to Rock Your Next Presentation

While preparing to give a presentation there are numerous things to keep in mind: your body language, knowing your audience, organizing your content and the list goes on. This blog serves as your go-to guide for touching up your speaking skills, inspiring your inner public speaker and restoring your confidence to give your best presentation yet. The night before your speech, you may feel your... [Read more...]
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