Time, Treasure & Paying it Forward

Since Red Sky’s infancy, we have made our community a priority. After all, this burgeoning valley gives us the strength to build a business and cultivate our growing ideas. Paying it forward often manifests in the form of time - volunteering for local causes or participating on boards of community organizations - but we are also fortunate enough to have the means to provide monetary donations to a handful of non-profits.

Around the holidays, we sat down as a team to discuss 2016 charitable giving. Each employee had the opportunity to advocate for a local non-profit, sharing a personal story or meaningful statistics that would persuade the team to vote for the purse to go to their charity. The conversation moved around the room, focusing on the freedom a child inherits when they receive a bicycle from Boise Bicycle Project, the relief a family feels when their pet is cared for at a low cost through the Idaho Humane Society, and many more including the WCA, SNIP and Speak Your Silence. Ultimately, we narrowed down this year’s charitable giving campaign to three causes.

Ronald McDonald House 

When I was still in high school in the Seattle area, I remember my cousin and her family staying with us on a couple of occasions while they took their daughter to Seattle Children’s Hospital. She was all of two years old and undergoing surgery. Back then I remember thinking how scary that would be for her. Thinking about it now as a father, I would be just as terrified, if not more. Even though we did not see them much during that time, I’m sure that removing the worry about having a place to stay and the potential cost of a hotel on top of the medical bills was a relief.

Chad Biggs, Red Sky’s Chief Content Officer, highlights the beauty of what Ronald McDonald House Charities of Idaho offers to families when they travel to Boise to help their child with a significant illness or injury. Providing a comfortable, family-sized room and fresh cooked meals is a burden that can be removed from their minds during a very trying time.

FACES of Hope Victim Center

In 2015 Ada County received 3,385 calls for service related to domestic abuse including domestic battery, threats and verbal abuse. That same year, 770 calls came in for service related to sexual violence including lewd conduct, rape and sexual assault. First responders from the Ada County Paramedics respond to a battery call at least once every single day; with an average of three or more battery calls involving strangulation each week. (Source: Ada County Sherriff’s and Paramedics Offices, 2016)

Many of us hardly have the wherewithal get out of the house on time in the morning with a packed lunch and our laptop. Imagine the stress of processing where to find help and safety immediately after an incident of abuse.

The FACES of Hope Victim Center is a triage center where victims of abuse or neglect can get all the resources they need immediately after an incident. In a single facility, FACES provides acute medical, legal, safety and education services for victims. If a victim needs additional services, FACES will handle the referral, cutting down on expense and time for the victim. Services received at the FACES of Hope Victim Center are always free, including forensic exams following sexual abuse or domestic violence, child abuse exams and social work.



After driving for hours in swirling snow, nothing compares to the feeling of walking into a warm home. Unfortunately, many in our community don’t have four walls and a roof to go home to. C.A.T.C.H. aims to end homelessness using the innovative and successful Housing First method. Housing First reverses the traditional housing model by suggesting, as the name states, that an individual or a family will thrive when they receive a stable home first, followed by addressing other risk factors. “Housing first is a radical thought,” said Wyatt Schroeder, Executive Director of C.A.T.C.H. “We’ve built up a service network for 30 years that says housing must be earned, but housing is a base necessity. It must come first.”

Red Sky’s donation will move a family of four from a waiting list into a stable home, and covers the costs for a housing specialist who works with the landlord and a one-on-one case manager to ensure the family stays in their home.

As André Leon Talley, former Vogue editor-at-large says, “money isn’t everything, but it is when you start thinking about putting money away for your retirement days.” Our charitable giving campaign reminds us that money isn’t everything, but it is when you’re forced to choose between rent and daycare. Or when your daughter’s medical care is in another city and, to be there for her, you can’t work for over a month. Or when you need medical attention and legal help after being physically assaulted by your husband.

Money isn’t everything, but it is a thing that can significantly reframe a dire situation. And at the end of the day, these organizations are providing tremendous services and value to our community by changing lives for the better. We believe in sharing stories that matter here and throughout our social channels. To us, these organizations are creating new stories that will matter for a lifetime, and we are proud to support them. 

Time, treasure & paying it forward. 

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