Micron: Internal Storytelling

Extending the capabilities of corporate communications

The Micron Employee Resource Center (MERC) is the front page and primary internal news source for Micron employees. Just like a traditional newsroom, the Global Communications Team holds regular editorial meetings, works with internal sources to profile the people and developments shaping the company and publishes regularly in a variety of mediums. Given the numerous other responsibilities of the team, Red Sky helps with the strategic approach to story development, conducts interviews, writes stories and helps with final development to serve as a brand journalist and extension of the team.

Beyond internal support, Red Sky has also served as a local public relations resource for both crisis and community-focused stories. Our agency also helped develop an internal campaign for the re-launch of the MERC, supported the Micron Foundation via media relations at numerous events and wrote regular blogs on their behalf.

Expertise Applied
  • Internal Storytelling 
  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Media & Influencer Relations
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Chad Biggs feeds a lifelong obsession with storytelling by helping clients capture and meaningfully share their stories with the people that matter. As Red Sky’s Chief Content Officer, Chad’s work is driven by a deference to the written word and his innate ability to craft an acute, concise message for clients ranging from healthcare to technology to renewables.

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