Tips to Manage Your Personal Brand Online

Moments before addressing a group of Google employees, Conan O'Brien tweeted: 
Divine revelation aside, Conan's tweet captures the power of Google in less than 140 characters. Search engines are nearly a subconscious first choice when we need a question answered or seek additional background. Social media is a close second. So what does a quick Google or LinkedIn search say about you?
If you're like most of us, thoughts about your personal brand are prioritized well below the needs of your business and your family. But the old adage about people doing business with those they know, trust and like still holds true today whether your first impression is online or in person. Tips to Manage Your Personal Brand Online, Digital ReputationAs a recent Social Media Today survey captures, people drive 8 times more engagement around a brand versus the brand itself. 
As personal and professional brands continue to blur, your digital reputation is already shaping your next business opportunity  - perhaps more than the name of your employer.   
So where do you start?


Evaluate Your Digital First Impression

Consult the oracle. Put your name into Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and any other platforms or channels relevant to your industry or topic. For social media accounts, view your public profile or simply search in Google Chrome's incognito mode. What is the first information that comes up about you? Others with your name? Does it reflect who you are today and where you want to go?


channel simon sinek 

We believe in starting with why, both in our client engagements and in defining ourselves.  As Sinek masterfully describes from an organizational perspective, every entity speaks to what they do and how they do it. Those that understand and articulate why you do what you do set themselves apart from everyone else, they define their purpose and passion which creates a deeper connection with their audience. For example, Red Sky CEO Jess Flynn describes herself as a seed sower, narrator and connector - roles that she embodies both personally and professionally.

revisit your story

Once you've invested some time to evaluate your why, go back a step.  What do you need to tell Google and the world to create a more authentic picture of who you are and what you can contribute? Professionally, start with LinkedIn.  First, is it up to date? Does your summary capture what you can contribute - either as a connection or as a business partner? Are you sharing presentations from speaking events, videos or other assets on your profile? Simply having an updated presence on the leading professional network can validate who you are and the value you can provide.  
From here, start identifying who you want to influence and where they are active online.  Establishing and amplifying your personal brand can be as simple as sharing compelling articles with social media connections to taking time to write a blog or post that begins to shape or reshape your narrative. Above all, it is a first step toward owning your digital reputation and establishing your online brand.   
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