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Place & Community Branding Crops Up in Boise Valley

The “less-alternative” alternative to Portland or Seattle. A legacy of big innovation. Open space in our back-yard. An emerging contender in the wine industry. What makes the Boise Valley unique may differ based on who you ask, but many businesses, nonprofits and public agencies in our Valley (and around the world) are investing in place branding as a way to tell their story, increase revenue...

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Klout: Innovative? Ego-fueled? Debate!

A week ago Klout (an online tool that measures one’s influence on social media) inspired a lot of dialogue when it announced a partnership with American Airlines.

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Inspiration, Canned & Packed in Water

by Amanda Watson Great leaders often identify a seemingly ordinary experience as the source of their greatest motivation and passion. For J.CREW’s President and Executive Creative Director, that impetus was found in the tuna aisle as a child with her recently divorced mother. She was feeling lost without the direction of her husband. In that moment, Lyons remembers committing to working her...

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12 Reasons We're Smarter This Week

Last Friday a number of us attended the last stop of the Ragan Content Marketing Bootcamp for 2013, following its natural progression from New York, Chicago and D.C. to Boise. Twenty four of us joined Ragan Communications CEO Mark Ragan as he guided us through an all day session focused on content. (Have we mentioned content is a key focus of our agency? We were a bit giddy.)

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Tapping Creativity to Show Your Support

by Jancy Quinn

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Buttering Cal McAllister’s Bread

In November, I attended the inaugural Seattle Interactive Conference; a two-day event featuring presentations, panels and networking opportunities for those interested in or focused on technology, creative, or interactive advertising. I was pleased to hear from industry leaders - brands such as AllRecipes and Engadget - and successful people in tech and beyond, like Cal McAllister of creative...

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