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Speaker Training for the Seasoned: Don’t Need It… or Do You?

Becca Hawkins is the Director for Compassionate Care at Providence St Joseph Health, Oregon Region. She has an extensive background in oncology, hospice and palliative care.  Becca has made contributions to the oncology and palliative care field as a nurse practitioner, educator, speaker, and writer.
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Public Speaking: Words of Wisdom

I’m a sucker for a great quote. Whether it’s to drive home an argument, kick off a presentation, or as a touchstone for inspiration. Case in point, I’ve found myself collecting quotes that back up or bring humor to aspects of our public speaking and media interview trainings. Here are my top 10:

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An Insider's Experience: Executive Speaker Training

I woke that morning knowing I had an entire day dedicated to one of the nation’s greatest fears ahead of me. Frankly, I was not excited. But by the end of the day it was perfectly clear to me that the skills and tools we had practiced were not limited to standing on stage in front of an audience. Being able to effectively communicate is a part of everyday life. It’s the sales call you finished...

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Speaking Tips from the Internet Ordained

I was somewhere between shocked and touched, honored and scared shitless. When my best friend of twenty-five years asked me to officiate his wedding, it was unexpected. I began to mentally catalogue the limited number of stories I could share during our conversation. Then I thought about addressing he and his future wife’s closest friends and family on one of the most special days they would...

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