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What Would You Say You Do Here?

Beyond wanting to be Indiana Jones when I grew up, all I wanted was a James Bond car with the full arsenal and ejector seat. The closest I've come is driving the same damn car as the lead character in Office Space when it hit theaters. So when I get asked what we do at Red Sky, I tend to picture the Bobs.

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4 Reasons to Engage Your Audience in a Snap

Social media has never been Vegas. That moment you’d rather forget? Documented on a permanent timeline on the most used and visible channels. So when a new social platform removed permanence from the equation, it completely evolved the way users interact. Today it is a gold mine for anyone seeking a truly unique way to engage an audience.

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Marketing & Malcontents: Can Reddit Help Your Business?

Whether you work in marketing, tech or the public sector, you should be on reddit.

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Speaking Tips from the Internet Ordained

I was somewhere between shocked and touched, honored and scared shitless. When my best friend of twenty-five years asked me to officiate his wedding, it was unexpected. I began to mentally catalogue the limited number of stories I could share during our conversation. Then I thought about addressing he and his future wife’s closest friends and family on one of the most special days they would...

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5 Speaking Resources to Rock Your Next Presentation

While preparing to give a presentation there are numerous things to keep in mind: your body language, knowing your audience, organizing your content and the list goes on. This blog serves as your go-to guide for touching up your speaking skills, inspiring your inner public speaker and restoring your confidence to give your best presentation yet. The night before your speech, you may feel your... [Read more...]

Nervous about public speaking? Strike a superhero pose to boost your confidence

We’ve all been there before: the moment before a big presentation and your stomach is aflutter with nerves. Your palms are sweating and you feel like crawling into a little ball to find your happy place. Whether you’re conscious of it or not, your body language is communicating this lack of confidence.

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